Luke 21:28 says to “Look up and raise your heads.”


The sky is beautiful in December. It has something to do with the shortening of the days and the distance of the sun as the earth spins on its axis. Funny how the busy colors of the season and the shortness of the days can prevent me from ever looking at the sky during Advent.

But one night I did. We were traveling south on the interstate at rush hour. Both directions – a sea of candy cane red and white lights moving ever so slowly for home after a full day. Lucky for me, I was the passenger and kept watching the western sky with the strong pinks and corals that seemed to put on a show just for me. At one point, it was as though an umbrella was over all of us, calling all sojourners to look up and see the wonder of this December night.

Looking up is hard to do when there is bumper-to-bumper traffic. Looking up is hard to do when cars are shifting lanes suddenly. Looking up is hard to do when focusing on the immediate is more important than focusing on the exquisite beauty and calm of a December sunset. But it’s there.

Morning comes and the sky is just as beautiful. Pinks and lavenders dapple the blue. Still, there is much to do. Appointments, phone calls and work all create a new kind of traffic and can steal the opportunity for looking up. Oh, it only takes a second – just  a glimpse is reassuring. Just a quick wide view calms and refreshes and renews.  

Luke 21:28 says to “Look up and raise your heads.” We are asked to become new people at Advent. Look up when your gaze is fixed on earth. Look up when you are disappointed. Look up when your eyes are heavy with tears. Look up and be filled with the wonder and nearness of God.

God who remains constant with me through Advent – always looking down from sunrise to sunset and through the beauty of the starlit night – all we have to do is pause and look up and we are made new. Thank you for making it so simple.