Sometimes a bouquet appears in the least likely places. Today the women in Nicaragua made home visits to the women in the community.  This enterprising woman, with an ill husband, children to feed, and a small store to run also is a “sharecropper” on the piece of spartan land where she grows a few vegetables and raises chickens. Her smile was bright and her hospitality delightful. 
The flowers are made with the tops of plastic bottles. She cuts and shapes them and paints them assorted colors. She says she can’t sell them because no one can buy such things with their hard to earn money. As we were leaving she pulled some off the wall and gave them to us. 

Each of our groups had similar experiences. Too many to tell on this full day of events. But I must tell you Leslie brought Carrie Underwood with her to devotional a this morning and we lined up across the plateau overlooking the mountains and worshipped singing How Great Though Art. Moving to say the least. Leslie shared her clinging crosses and suggested we might try to return home more like Jesus than ourselves. Food for thought. 

Pray for us tomorrow. We visit the hospital and see sights that will cling to our hearts for a long time. We’ll take washcloths and love. We’ll probably cry.